insulated containers

PPE insulation boxes
(expanded polypropylene)

With the widest range of PPE insulated boxes on the market, we have a multitude of models ranging from the GN1 / 1, GN1 / 2, 60x40 gastronorm range to both large and small volume boxes. There are insulation boxes for home delivery, that functions as ice cream containers and specific boxes for the transport of the most thermally sensitive products.

EPS insulation boxes

EPS insulation
boxes (expanded polystyrene)

We are able to select the technical specification of EPS insulation boxes to satisfy the exact specifications you need in order to meet all of the most stringent cold supply chain objectives needed today. Various thicknesses, densities and volumes are available so you can always benefit from the best selection.


Rigid insulated
coolers (HDPE and PU)

We have an enlarged offering with three separate ranges of technical rigid insulation coolers which provide both great thermal performance and are suited to daily use.

Soft Insulated Coolers

Soft insulated
coolers (Fabric and reinforced aluminium insulation)

A full range of flexible insulated bags with proven thermal and mechanical performance. They are strong, durable and come supplied with their own tailor-made eutectic plates.

Reinforced Insulated Containers

Reinforced Insulated
Containers (ATP Standards)

Transporting fresh or frozen foodstuffs beyond 80 kms implies a best-effort obligation (with the packaging materials used) in addition to an obligation in terms of the result (the temperature on arrival).
Discover our range of ATP certified insulated containers from 450L to 1760L.

For orders of insulated coolers, eutectic plates and insulated containers, you can buy directly from our online sales site.