Hot and cold

Cold eutectic plates

eutectic plates

Available in gastronorm formats such as the GN or the 60x40 but also with the so-called "Allibert" format (48x28cm), our professional-use cold eutectic plates are the result of a long period of development, both in terms of the quality of their mechanical resistance and of the performance thermal of eutectic liquids.

We formulate our own eutectic liquids, also called PCM (Phase Change Material), that's to say materials that go through phase transitions. Thanks to the breadth of our range of PCM (, we can cover all your cold supply chain objectives, namely: fresh (+ 4 ° C), sensitive fresh (+ 2 ° C), frozen (-21 ° C) and deep-frozen (-35 ° C) but also positive temperatures (+ 2 ° C to + 8 ° C or + 15 ° C to + 25 ° C, or - 35 ° C, etc.) for applications in the healthcare sector.

Hot eutectic plates GN1-1

eutectic plates

Also available in GN, 60x40 or "Allibert" gastronorm formats (48x28cm), our professional hot eutectic plates allow the inertia of the outside temperature to be locked inside your isothermal packaging thanks to a supply of returned heat input.

We develop our own "Hot" Phase Change Materials or heat transfer liquids which have excellent thermal restitution above + 63 ° C.

Some of our professional hot plates can be reheated in the microwave.

eutectic pouche 400G

Hot and cold
eutectic gels (flexible pouches)

Find out about our wide range of high-quality eutectic gels which, thanks to their design, offer full compliance within strict production specifications: eutectic gels pouches which can be sealed without air, seals which are only 10 mm thick, bags which come in a 'cushion' form or those which are ultra-flat and regular as well as high levels of resistance to pressure, etc.

You will also find forms of eutectic gels pouches which conform to the "rosary" or "blanket" types, that is to say, several pouches that are neither cut or pre-cut for you.

These eutectic gels are available with different restitution temperatures in order to respond to all cold supply chain requirements, both negative and positive temperatures.

For orders of insulated coolers, eutectic plates and insulated containers, you can buy directly from our online sales site.