The design of tailor-made
insulation devices (hot & cold)

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The good design of insulating devices with heat recovery delivered by eutectic plate(s) meets three main objectives. Specifically, these are:

The required conservation of temperature,
The duration of that these temperatures must be maintained,
Simultaneous control with an outside temperature profile.

The desired storage volume,  the constraints of the insulated packaging and other practical considerations need to be factored-in to adhere to the product's final specifications.

To this end, we begin with a technical study phase of your project, assisted by our "COOL-Y" thermal simulator in order to define the ideal prototype specifications that will be dedicated to your cold chain supply objectives.

Depending on its design, we can evolve towards a formed prototype of your insulation device so that you can carry out your own thermal tests or ensure it meets the needs of any industry standard or specification you may need to comply with.

Once our technical study has been completed and the technical annexe of our thermal analysis reporting proving the effectiveness of said insulation device has been produced, we can begin the manufacturing phases of your bespoke insulated packaging and cold accumulators (plates or pouches).

Our thermodynamic analysis laboratory is equipped with high precision tools for carrying out complex thermal design and sizing tests:

All of your technical projects can be assisted by deploying our

COOL-Y thermal

Developped and powered by Comsol Multiphysics / Cool Sarl


The result of a long development period, our thermal simulator is a powerful calculator capable of making real-time predictions about the changing temperatures inside your insulation box.