The design of custom-made
(Hot & Cold) accumulators

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Rigid eutectic plates

Do you want to develop a hot or cold eutectic plate with specific dimensions to be associated with a dedicated insulating packaging system?

COOL sarl is able to design it for you and produce it in large or small quantities. This is exactly what the core of our business is!

Our long experience, both in the fields of PCM (Phase Change Materials) and those of the mechanical resistance of materials, or conductivity, allows us to guarantee you the best performance in terms of returned heat and durability (AFNOR standard EN12546-3) today.

We can customise your eutectic plate with your logo or embossed text.


Plaques eutectiques personnalisables en couleur


Hot or cold
eutectic gel pouches

In the same way, if you need to design a cold (or hot) eutectic gel pouch which has specific dimensions and / or with a precise specification, then we can produce a sample of it and then manufacture it in small or very large production runs.

We are also able to design eutectic gel pouches to order in the form of "strings" or the form of a "cover", that is to say, several pouches joined together either uncut or precut.

Optionally, your logo or a monochrome text of your choice can be printed on your eutectic gel bag. We also offer custom labelling which is available in four colours.